Switchboards, Mains and Safety Switches

Do I need an Electrical Switchboard upgrade?

The number one reason to upgrade your switchboard (or old fuse board) is safety - keeping your family safe from fire and electrocution

Modern home switchboards, also known as fuse boards or circuit breaker boards, have progressed in leaps and bounds since many of Auckland's homes were built. Modern boards are far safer with more advanced technology that means less risk of electrical issues that will affect your entire home.

New switchboards are also fitted with RCD safety switches which keep you from receiving a nasty shock if something goes wrong when you're flipping a switch. Older fuse boards can also include some serious safety risks, such as fuse wires and even asbestos, that have been eliminated in the newer versions.

If you have some mains wiring to be fixed in your home, it's an excellent time to replace that dangerous old board with a newer, far better-looking one that will meet all current electrical standards and regulations.

Ask how our "Totally Dependable" team of experienced electricians can keep you safe with a new switchboard and expert mains wiring.

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